Updated October 24th, 2016 

In 1967 a 17 year old teenager found himself staring into the window of a mid-Manhattan art
studio/gallery.  This was no life-less collection of three-dimensional art.  In the middle of the room was
a sculptor named Cipriano fashioning the portrait of a diplomat posing for him.  In contrast with the
green plasticina clay he was using, were the dozens of white cigarette butts all over the floor.  As I
watched in amazement I decided then to pursue clay modeling as  my major at nearby Art & Design
High School.  

Frank Eliscu  (renown international sculptor and author) was our teacher for two years.  He even
served as president of the National Sculpture Society of New York.    He was a pleasure to be with and
even invited some of us to his studio in Ossining, N.Y.  As things turned-out, 1967 was the same year
Icommitted myself to follow in Jesusí footsteps and endeaver to do the work he did  whole-souled.  
After graduation I entered the full-time ministry and have continued as a volunteer until now.  My art
training was not wasted as I have been able to raise a family by sign-painting. (Ecclesiastes 11:9,10   
12:1  Mark 12:30)

It wasnít until last year while attending a funeral for my nephew in Ohio, U.S.A. that  I was inspired to
dabble with clay again.  You see, my older sister had proudly displayed in her home things I had done
years ago, while I had none in mine.  My kids didnít even know I could do stuff with clay.  Off I went to
Hobby Lobby to feed the craving.  It was during this time that I approached Nancy Isett, head of the
ceramic/sculpture department at Central Texas College to enroll in class.  Because of her enthusiasm
and encouragement, I am able to share these pieces with you today.  If you are interested in buying  
anything in this collection or commissioning a bust of anyone, please contact us at:

I would like to update my page by sharing a great experience. After selling a few pieces I left my
brochure with a renowned artist in Salado, Texas. Would you believe he later interviewed me. I cant
describe how honored I felt when Ronnie Wells invited to work with him. ( You must see his website at
http://www.ronniewells.com to understand ) I assisted in forming a life size full figure of a gentleman in
Houston. Later on we worked in life size wildlife and soon we modeled a 10ft Lion. I compare myself to
Ronnie's "Armor Bearer". My respect for painting and sculpture has heightened associating with such
a professional, talented, and humble human being.

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