Tired of those silly tree face sculptures you see at the store, that
make your tree look like its kind of confused or pointless. What
would a tree say if it could talk? Its hundreds of years old and
certainly seen it all. It would probably just say "Shhhh" and go back
to enjoying its quiet existence. What hidden wisdom lies there.

Then again, it could be thinking many things. The point being is its
unique, and you wont find these at the stores. This is your chance
to express yourself through your trees, and given them character.
To give your yard, home character. Not to walk outside every d
see the harsh colorless world staring blankly at you. How
boring and sad. Maybe the world isnt so bleak if we choose to
believe so.

We can also cast him in different materials, and colors to suite your
taste. Granted the price goes up some to cast him in concrete,
plaster of paris, or such. But, not every application is the same and
concrete is more resilient.

Price is $70 each for the original clay style, shipping is not included
in the price.

Please call 254-247-6850 for information - ask for